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From: Brian G. Johnson
RE: Six Step Money Formula

My name is Brian G. Johnson and over the last 12 years, I’ve been in the trenches leveraging formulas and rituals that have allowed me to earn more money than most doctors and I’ve done it right in the comfort of my own home.

I’ve earned more than six figures with the Adsense program, have sold thousands of products as an affiliate including web hosting, domain names, spyware removal software, motorcycles, text books and more …


…. and I’ve also sold thousands and thousands of Halloween costumes, in fact, some folks say I introduced the internet marketing community to the massive opportunity that Halloween provides. I’ve also shared my strategies from the stage, coached thousands of marketers to success and I’ve been in the Clickbank “premier” partner program for three years running.

I guess you could say, I’ve been around the block.

I’ve had success in a number of ways online, but the backbone of my business has always been in SEO, free traffic generation and affiliate marketing.

And in order to achieve that high level of success, I’ve had to jump over SO MANY hurdles and had to overcome technical headaches time and time again, honestly …

It was a pain in my butt!

I had to research a domain name, find out if it was available, buy keyword software for more research, buy a web hosting, install and master WordPress as well as countless themes and plugins (many of which are paid products) study Google and each and every update, post to my blog, get an auto-responder and then build a list, post to my blog yet again.

Next I would create, edit and upload videos to YouTube and the one I really hated (and still do with a passion) is the
mind numbing task of link building.

And with each new project, I would begin the cycle yet again …

Even worse, the entire time I was doing all these tasks, I felt as if big brother …


… was looking over my shoulder, as if they would not approve of my latest website or blog post and ultimately questioning my every move. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a blog, I still post and I still drive a lot of profitable traffic.

However, it’s more complicated than it was when I began years ago and SEO success as an affiliate marketer has been made even more challenging.

Google has made it VERY clear….



The reality is that it’s harder than it used to be to get results
quickly and easily and all those dam headaches like …

  • Buying countless domain names
  • And web-hosting
  • And learning and mastering complex software
  • And installing WordPress (as well as countless paid themes and plugins)
  • And creating, editing and uploading videos
  • And recording podcasts and audio files
  • And using datafeeds
  • And building a list
  • And studying Google and each and every update

I certainly never felt as if Google was on my side and in January of 2012 while at the Traffic & Conversions Summit in Austin Texas I began to search for something new  — a plan of action, a formula or system that I would implement and test in 2012. One that would allow me to tap into traffic and profit quicker and easier, like the good ol’ days … without all those technical headaches I was so familiar with.

And without having to worry about Google.

Merchant site blues …

Then it hit me, you see for years I had competed AGAINST large merchant sites like,, and so many others for page one Google listings (that’s where all the FREE traffic is at) and beating these sites was a real pain in the @ss!

Let me tell ya!

And was the worst, this site did (and still does) ranked for so many buyers keywords that I was trying to rank for and beating Amazon in Google was an exerciser in frustration.

Then it hit me! It was kinda bizarre!

While at the conference I kept hearing about Kindle .. Kindle and the “power of Amazon” … Their was even a presentation on BOTH Kindle and Amazon,

If you can’t beat’ em … join’ em!

I thought, if I could get my own product on Amazon, I could drive traffic much easier and cash in and I also knew that Amazon was a tremendous source of BUYER traffic …

And even better, I knew lots of Kindle publishers that were earning as much as 70% in royalty payments.

I certainly never earned 70% as an affiliate!

I’m a pretty excitable boy and my plan of action for the new year really got me pumped!



Best of all, wouldn’t have to worry about things like buying countless domains or web-hosting and there wouldn’t be any need for video marketing, or creating mp3 files and the days of stressing over the next Google update would be long gone as I could leverage the authority of to drive traffic via Google while also enjoying Amazon BUYER traffic.

It was a win / win plan of action.

And as I dug in, I began to discover that Amazon provided much of the information I would need to create a simple and effective money formula to determine what “book types” would sell ….. no need to worry about fancy software.


My Major Screw Up “Author Mode”


Alas, sooner than expected I hit a major road block and progress and earnings would have to wait …

You see, like so many others that are trying to make money with Kindle, I went into “Author Mode” and hit a massive roadblock. My first book project took days to research, weeks to write and my cover screamed “amature” or “self published” and my earnings reflected this and don’t even get me started on formatting for Kindle.

Know this, my money formula and how I leverage Amazon and Kindle today is not about …

– Being an Author

– Or writing book after book …

– And it’s not about having the greatest business card to hand to potential clients.

Who wants clients anyway?

I knew there had to be a better way and was not willing to back down, so I turned to my golden rule …

Find what people want and give it to them.

and what I discovered shocked and excited me (once again) ….

Books Don’t Have To Take Weeks & Months to Create

Get this, right now as you read this letter, there are MASSIVE amounts of Amazon customers searching for the right book and what I learned is that the “right book” doesn’t mean ….

  • The book needs to be 45,000 words and take months to complete
  • That the book need to be written by an expert
  • That the book need be published by a big publishing company

So what does “the right book” mean?

Well, for that we turn to my Golden Rule once again ….


Find what people want and give it to them.


If a mom or dad is searching for a book to read to their kids prior to bed time, then the book should be easy to read, not contain too many words and include some pictures or images. Did you get that last sentence …

“not contain too many words”

Heck, I’ve actually gotten negative feedback that my books had “more words than pictures”!



I get that the idea of writing a book sounds difficult, or that you may not *think* you have something to offer, or maybe
you simply do not want to write period.

That’s cool, because  this is not about any of that normal “Kindle” stuff.

– It’s not about being an Author

– Or writing book after book …

– And it’s not about having the greatest business card to hand to potential clients.

Who wants clients anyway?

“But I don’t want to write books!”

  • I don’t either.
  • I hate writing.
  • My spelling and grammar are the stuff of legend (people make fun of me) …

Heck, 95% of my books (some twenty or so that are published) were written for me by outsourcers. Sometimes I write and you can certainly do that if you like, however by no means is success dependent on YOU writing ….


Check this out …

Imagine, outsourcing or creating a 1200 word report filled with pictures that generates as much as two or three hundred dollars monthly, heck … I’ve written and paid for blog posts that were longer and certainly haven’t earned hundreds.

Here’s a great example …


See that book right their ….

I published that book on February 9th, 2013 and was making money days later.

That 1200 word book on space sells on Amazon for $2.99 and I earn 70% royalty payments, thus every sale generates me $2.01, it’s far more lucrative than settling for old school affiliate commissions.

In fact, in March that 1200 word book generated 123 net sales, 27 borrows
(I get paid for those as well) and I banked $280.98!


Now about that Space book …

What’s important isn’t that the book was the number one ranked product on the entire Amazon site for over four weeks (currently the book ranks on page one of Amazon for the term space).



Or that the book was a #1 best seller in its category for over four weeks running (actually out pacing a similar book by National Geographic).

What is important is… this is a children’s book…

It’s less than 1200 words… the images inside were sourced from NASA, which gave my book credibility…
and this book took me a total of six hours from start to finish.

Yet it’s a #1 best seller, customer feedback has been tremendous, and the book generates hundreds of dollars in revenue month in and month out… like clockwork, in fact in April that same book generated me $159.45 in passive profits.

Cha Ching!



“But, I’m not qualified to write books!”

Oh, is that right?

Well, just what are the qualifications to write a book?

Because I really didn’t know much about outer space. But some quick Google searches, 1200 words, handfuls of images, a book-cover (that I didn’t create) and BOOM!

I’ve got a passive income (and I’m no astronomist):

Here’s another example.

I’ve never been vegan. I love BBQ, steaks and of course …


Did I mention I love bacon? And yet I’ve published two vegan books:



I was able to “create” these books by outsourcing and finding people who are passionate about various subjects and the results are tremendous.

And we’re creating value and adding to the internet, rather than filling the Kindle shelves with low quality stuff that nobody is really interested in and ultimately never produces the results you’re after.

Best of all, that formula that took me 15 months to formulate plain works


It’s all about working smart and leveraging the MASSIVE opportunity that is Amazon Kindle.

  • Finding out what people want and giving it to them.
  • Adding value.
  • And piggybacking off

“I’m already overwhelmed! I can’t handle another job!”

Listen, the last thing I want you to have is another job. I know what it’s like to loathe your daily routine… to work so hard just to make ends meet.

My Revenge Formula is the only one I know of that creates a passive income often in as little as 72 hours – start to finish.

– If you don’t want to write, you won’t have to.

– If you can’t make a book cover, you won’t have to (I can’t).

– If you don’t know how to format the book, you won’t have to do that either.

It’s really easier than you may think.

So do you see why I’m so excited?

And while this does take upfront effort, the process is quick and easy.

I mean … come on … a 1200 word book about space?

You can write or outsources these types of books in hours once you understand my simple formula, it’s easier than posting to your blog!

Let the Marketing Machine Help You to Succeed

Its Amazon’s marketing muscle (when paired with my Revenge Formula) that makes this income such a breeze to earn. They handle everything from fulfillment, delivery, customer service, technology, and so much more. Best of all …you get to keep 70% of the money. With Amazon it’s like having the greatest marketer in the world work on your behalf, driving traffic, accepting payment, supporting the customers and most important …




I’m sure you’ve heard the stats. How Amazon is the largest eCommerce site in the world.

  • How they’re the world’s best direct marketer online.
  • How they’ve sold millions of Kindle ereaders. How that’s expected to continue.
  • How ebooks now outsell paper books.
  • How they’re the most trusted online merchant.

Literally all you need is an internet connection and that’s it!

And it’s so much easier than old school marketing tactics, you don’t need hosting, or domains, or complex software, you don’t need to worry about Panda’s or Penguins and it pays the very best kind of money to make online.

The do it once and get paid, again and again residual income.

Imagine, outsourcing a book about smoothies and earning as much as $987.50 cents in one month!




That screen capture (above)  is the January earnings of ONE BOOK and that one book pays me month in and month out, like clockwork.

Here are earnings from April from the very same book.



I’m able to generate these kinds of results based on new “super simple” six step formula that I’ve honed to a razor sharp edge, I took all the research, the testing and scientific experiments of the past 15 months and created a money formula that plain works.

And I’m going to give you access to my entire six step money formula in a matter of minutes, but first ….

You should know that it’s not only working for me but countless others.

Real Methods, Real People & Real Earnings …

I’m talking about real people, not some of the guru marketers that I rub elbows with.

You see last year I released some “early” blueprints based on my Kindle findings and those blueprints have been responsible for some exciting finical results, check it out.

Please note: Nobody has been paid or compensated in any way for their testimonials …


“Your training and publishing to Amazon Kindle has changed my financial life”

“Your training and publishing to Amazon Kindle has changed my financial life!! I’m now making over $1000 per month!!  This is by far the easiest money I have ever made online and could have never dreamed it could be this easy.

The strategies and tactics that you teach are straightforward and most importantly…

THEY WORK!!! I’m living proof of that.”

Brock Bumgarner Hickory, NC

Another student, Melanie posted this to my marketing forum.



“Kindle Success”


“YOURS was the training that stood out and helped me
achieve the most success with Kindle”

“Brian – I’ve been an internet marketer for years, and have had some decent success, mostly thanks to YOUR training programs.

When Kindle book marketing became the rage of internet marketers in 2012, YOURS was the training that stood out and helped me achieve the most success with Kindle.

And in particular, the Kindle formatting software you offered was the FIRST that I was actually able to understand and use.

My first couple of books I had to have someone on Fiverr do all the formatting and cover creations.

But the Kindle Ritual software allowed me to stop paying those fees!! In 6 months I have published 25 books (and counting) with your KR software and training, and am currently making $500+ per month – and it’s onward and upward from there!!

When Brian Johnson comes out with any new training, I am one sold customer!

Thanks So Much,

Bob Lormor Akron, Ohio


If you’re tired of buying into false promises, if you’ve had enough of the nine dollars software apps that are supposed to generate you thousands yet simply never deliver.

If you’re ready to try something new, something based on a very real opportunity, as well as proven results ….

All you have to do is follow my six step formula right on this very page and you too can be leveraging the massive opportunity that Amazon offers.

You won’t have to write, format or design anything if you don’t want to.

This isn’t about being an author, expert, or professional.

Instead, what I want you to know is this. There’s a big train leaving the station. People who get on this train can make a lot of money. Yet thousands will make excuses not to.

Don’t waste this opportunity. It doesn’t have to pass you by.


Brian G. Johnson’s Revenge of the Affiliates
12 Week Coaching Intensive Program



Here’s my six-step Revenge formula, it’s the entire focus on my brand new coaching program that’s kicking off on June 19th, 2013.

I’ll spill all my candy in the lobby without you spending a dime. Then, I’m going to invite you to join my three month coaching experience. Before I do, allow me to share with you my exact Revenge Formula.


Each and every step of the Revenge Formula followed in sequence is absolutely CRITICAL to YOUR SUCCESS, so I outlined it for you right here on this page


Step One: Piggyback Promos:
Live Coaching, Video Tutorials & PDF’S


Use the Free Crystal Ball That Tellss You …

– What Book to Add to the Kindle Marketplace

– No witchcraft required.

My “crystal ball” is Amazon’s website. One of the best ways to guarantee you’ll make money is to survey a market, find a product that’s making money, and then make your own version of the product.

In Revenge of the Affiliates, that’s exactly what I cover in Module One: Piggyback Promos. I call it “piggyback” because so much work has already been done by other authors and Amazon. I’ll show you how to let the numbers decide what books to make. It’s as simple as that. With a few mouse clicks and a look here and there, you’ll know exactly what will sell and what won’t.

So, what’s actually included here?  HUNDREDS of secrets!

Let’s take a closer look.

You’ll be getting all my niche marketing and “Amazon buyer” demographic secrets.  These are all brand new tactics and strategies that I’ve never sold before.

This module alone, with the coaching PDFs and videos, is worth $197.00

  • How to (nearly) GUARANTEE sales of your new book, before it’s written, so you get paid more royalties than you’ve ever experienced in your life and see those royalties grow month after month.
  • Signs of Broke Categories: Get Brian G. Johnson’s secrets to avoiding the worst categories you can enter, where sales rarely happen, so you almost never suffer the agony of publishing ebooks that don’t pay you back.
  • If you can count, you can profit. Access my proven formula for identifying and estimating book sales is as easy as looking at numbers. Know how much an ebook may pay you before you have it created!
  • Amazon Piggyback:  Easily create books that are “category leaders” that Amazon will actively promote for you, so you can relax and enjoy the fact that Amazon is on the job, promoting your books.
  • Peeling Back The Curtain:  Finally exposed! How Amazon ranks their products to drive sales. Be among the first to learn the HOW and WHY behind Amazon’s algorithm, also called the Amazon Recommendation Engine. Watch Video 5 of Module 1 immediately and see almost all your Amazon listings increase in rank.
  • Rich Publisher, Poor Author: Did you know most self published authors are broke! Learn why being an author can negatively impact your income and why it’s the publisher who enjoys the good life. See why you don’t have to write a word to live out your dreams.
  • Easy Profit Pickin’s:  How to avoid the “me too” MISTAKE so many people are making when selecting book topics.  This gem alone lets you publish in categories where the low hanging fruit is easy pickin’s and driving sales is a snap.
  • Be A Category Sniper:  How to use my “Underachiever strategy” to easily spot your “pray” (a.k.a. weak books) so you quickly out-rank and out-sell them no matter which Kindle category they’re in. See my case study on how I did it to National Geographic and surged past one of their books by selling more copies of mine!
  • Free tools that can allow you proof your work, no muss … no fuss.
  • Before A Word Is Written: See the no-fuss earnings calculator you should use before writing or outsourcing a signal word of your next book.  So you can ensure you only work on winning books and save yourself hours of time and loads of frustration.
  • Category Winner / Loser: Are you sure you’ve picked the right category? See 7 examples of what makes a category good or bad. And watch over my shoulder as I show you how to always get it right.


TIP:  Understanding keyword variables and incorporating those into your book title will produce more traffic and sales….

It’s all about understanding HOW people search and WHAT kind of words they’re likely to use when searching can uncover keywords that are easier to rank for, provide increased search volume and ultimately lead to more book sales and passive earnings.


Some people may search for “children’s books” while others may search for “kids books.”  Doing research on all potential keyword variables is paramount to your success.


Step Two: Traffic Revenge
Live Coaching, Video Tutorials & PDF’S


How do I get traffic to my ebooks?” It’s a common concern.

And you’ll discover hundreds of tactics that can help you to push more traffic in less time than you ever thought possible.

This module alone, with the coaching PDFs and videos, is worth $197.00

Driving highly targeted BUYER traffic is a breeze with the Revenge Formula and with step two you’ll learn how to title your book to drive lots of free traffic from Amazon and Google.

When I started publishing ebooks, I heard all kinds of things about what to do and how. I heard the Google keyword tool was useless because with Kindle ebooks you’re dealing with Amazon. And after all, Amazon is much different than Google. I also heard that “it’s all about categories” or “it’s all about keywords.”

Yet, my testing has revealed that it’s your title alone that will be most responsible for driving people to your listing from BOTH Amazon and Google. Remember that Google loves Amazon. Google search for any product that sells on Amazon. And often you’ll see one of the first results is from Amazon’s website.

Here’s another one of my books, ranking #1 in Google for a very targeted buyer keyword phrase, this was done without backlinks, without SEO of any kind.


Module #2 is packed with the latest strategies and tactics that allow me to drive MORE free traffic from Amazon as well as Google. Leverage “Traffic Revenge” and you too will drive more traffic and you’ll be amazed at just how quick and easy it can be implemented.

You are getting all that in a variety of formats — PDF, video, live coaching webinars and more.

If I sold this by itself, it’d be worth $197.  Here’s why …

  • Imagine 127% more traffic in just 72 minutes!  Why most people are 100% WRONG when it comes to niche research and driving traffic that pays. Learn how I drive as much as127% more traffic in just 72 minutes so you can do the same and enjoy residual income for years to come.
  • Social Kindle Equation:  See how Facebook + Kindle + 60 minutes a week = all the traffic your book listing needs, the sales to give you financial freedom, the book reviews that then sell more books, and the exposure you’ve been looking for too!
  • Discover the ONE money-word that can push your Amazon book listing to Google’s Page One in as little as 60 seconds so you can have the world’s most-used search engine on your side, promoting your books at no cost to you.
  • Amazon Syndication System:  How to legally FORCE Amazon to list your book on tens of thousands of webpages which boosts your ranking in search engines so you almost never have to worry about too little traffic to your book listings.
  •  Access the website and discover method that result in REAL people promoting YOUR BOOK for you and best of all — it’s totally free.


TIP:  Never use a white background for your book cover as it won’t stand out enough on Amazon’s white background.

Double Tip:  A book cover can make or break any Kindle campaign and it’s also the quickest and easiest element “get right”.  I’ve personally seen earnings more than double after testing various covers.


Step Three: Money Multiplier
Live Coaching, Video Tutorials & PDF’S


Here’s how to increase your earnings by as much as 213% with little to no extra effort on your part, it’s all about working smart and getting a cover that coverts more of your visitors.

This module is pure magic as it’s based on improving your SALES CONVERSIONS.  One simple ten-minute tweak can and often does improve earnings by as much at 127%.

If I were to sell these money getting tactics alone they’d easily be worth $197 and here’s why:

One of my early books was launched with the following cover:



What do you think?

I think it screams amateur. It screams self-published. So the earnings I got matched the low quality of my cover. I was earning about $250 a month from my smoothie book which isn’t bad for a few hours effort.

But my gut told me to try a new cover. So I spent a staggering $20 and had this new cover made:


I expected an increase in royalties. But I never expected them to jump 213% the first month. My sales MORE than tripled with virtually no extra work, no extra words, no extra time.

In January, sales jumped to 445 copies. When you add the money I get when people borrow my book, I banked $987.50 for just one little smoothie book that I didn’t write, format, or design:


This module is pure magic as it’s based on improving your SALES CONVERSIONS.  One simple ten-minute tweak can and often does improve earnings by as much at 127%.

I’ve learned a lot about covers. And that’s what you’ll learn about in Module Three: Money Multiplier. I’ll show you how to squeeze as much money as possible from all the visitors to your book listings. When you follow my steps, even Amazon takes notice…

And they’ll help you!

Here’s an example.

Simply follow the formula and publish books based on “selling topics” Amazon will often help you sell more.

One way Amazon can do this is by email.

Here’s a screen shot a friend sent me on Wednesday, May 8th. Amazon sent him an email because he’d taken a look in the cookbooks section.

And what ebook did Amazon list first in the email?




I’m only scratching the surface on the results you can get with Revenge of the Affiliates. I’ll show you how to get brilliant covers without making them yourself. I’ll improve your conversions. I’ll get you more book buyers and sales, without spending an arm and a leg. I’ll even show you how to get covers made without charge.

If I were to sell these money getting tactics alone they’d easily be worth $197 and here’s why:

  • Discover the four CRITICAL elements present on every Amazon book listing that can help or hurt your conversions and earnings. Then see how I methodically improve each one so you can maximize sales without wasting time!
  • The bizarre secret that has increased my books sales by as much as 213% yet only takes minutes to do.
  • Where to get high quality images that can be used in commercial books for FREE so you almost never have to pay for them or worry if you’ll find the perfect picture
  • Fiverr Meltdown:  The most dangerous pitfall you MUST avoid when outsourcing your book cover.  Get this wrong and your sales slump. Get this right and you turn $5 into thousands more…
  • The ancient form of SOCIAL PROOF that nobody is using but can dramatically INCREASE sales in mere minutes. You can begin using this proof today and your competition will never know what hit them!
  • My resource for rights to buy high quality images for pennies on the dollar.  This site has saved me hundreds of dollars and offers the same images found on other sites.
  • The sneaky hack that adds Amazon-approved formatting to your book description and drives more sales as a result. This is one less thing you need to worry about.


Proven:  It’s no secret that reviews can and do have a massive impact on your results.  But did you know that you DON’T need hundreds of reviews because just a few good ones will do the trick.

This module offers some unique tactics that took me months of testing and tweaking to develop.  This is stuff that will allow you to generate ethical, white hat reviews whenever needed ….nobody’s teaching this and it’s a shame.


Step Four: Review Madness
Live Coaching, Video Tutorials & PDF’S


Reviews can make or break any self-publisher and in Module 4 you’ll get a true eye-opening.

If I were to sell these money getting tactics alone they’d easily be worth $197 and here’s why:

Reviews written for any form of compensation aren’t allowed and Amazon knows people are gaming the system …. you don’t want to get “caught up” in all that.

As soon as they find out, your account will be banned.

Plus, the typical Amazon book buyer isn’t stupid.

They know a fake review when they see one and Amazon reviewers are not afraid to call you out and leave nasty words like SCAM in your review section.

As well they should.

  • Super-Charge Your Book Reviews:  Learn how with dollars and ten minutes you can super charge your reviews, even for multiple books and how to do it in a 100% ethical and compliant-free manner.
  • Review Magnets:  How to launch your book without the resources of giant publishing firms, plus increase Amazon search exposure while also “seeding” future reviews.
  • Why most publishers have it all wrong when it comes to reviews and how to _______ and _________ to enjoy a steady stream of reviews over the life of your book.
  • Social Review System:  See the exact system I’m using to leveage facebook for more book buys, ethical reviews and more passive income.


TIP:  Your book can actually be TOO LONG in certain markets which may result in negative reviews and unhappy customers.  Stick to my golden rule for success:

Find what people want and give it to them …


Step Five: Magic Bullet Books
Live Coaching, Video Tutorials & PDF’S


In Revenge of the Affiliates, the harder you work, the less books you’ll publish. Weird, right? But the more of your personal time and energy you put into a book, the longer it will become. You won’t get more books published, you’ll just keep working on the same book, thinking of ways it can be better.

A book doesn’t have to be massive. A book doesn’t have to take months to complete. We want to work smart, not hard.

So Module Five of Revenge of the Affiliates is Magic Bullet Books. Secrets of book length, images, formatting, and outsourcing will be revealed to you at once.

This module is actually three modules in one, Childrens Book Blueprint (version 2.0), Non Fiction Books and Your Personal Book.

If I were to sell these money getting tactics alone they’d easily be worth $197 and here’s why:

  • My “Cash In Hand” publishing formula:  Why the key to four-figure residual earnings is being “reasonably prolific.” See HOW to quickly and easily create books that add value and generate greenbacks so you can life your live the way you want.
  • Children’s Book Blueprint 2.0: Access my simple system to create children’s books that Amazon loves to sell and Amazon customers love to buy. Grow your passive income fast with books meant for kids. See Module 5.1 now!
  • Writers For Hire: Discover HOW and WHERE to hire folks that will write your books for you so you only use a pen to sign your own royalty checks. Learn WHAT instructions to give them so you’re left with quality writing book-buyers don’t mind paying for.
  • WARNING: Avoid the common mistake so many “newbie” publishers make that immediately results in a loss of income.  This tip alone will save you hours and hours of grief and stress.
  • Why you only need a handful of hours to QUICKLY create a book that sells like hotcakes.


Proven Fact:  Giving your book away to Amazon customers CAN and DOES have a massive impact on future book sales as it generates positive “verified purchase” reviews, creates a buzz and gains sales momentum. You learn dozens of seldom used methods for pushing your book out to the masses with Revenge of the Affiliates.


Step Six: Pushbutton Promos
Live Coaching, Video Tutorials & PDF’S


By this point, you’ve followed my formula and have five things going for you: a selling book topic, a title indexed high in Amazon and Google, a brilliant cover that makes you look sharp and professional, and real reviews too!

Now in Module Six: Push Button Promos, I’ll show you how I use free promo days to get a few thousand downloads of my book. You get momentum that never ends. More reviews are added to your listing. You’ve built a fire, added gas, and the free promo days are the spark that ignites the blaze.

A blaze that stays lit and you can depend on to pay the bills and keep you warm. In April my smoothie book sent me $586.25 because I used my Revenge of the Affiliates system many moons ago.

If I were to sell these money getting tactics alone they’d easily be worth $197 and here’s why:

  • Select Revenge: Should you use KDP Select? And how often? Learn how I leverage free promo days to turn average earnings into thousands of dollars in passive income wired directly into your bank account every month by Amazon.
  • Book Launch Model: The very best strategy for your new book and your book launch, follow this simple system and what your book get downloaded by thousands.
  • WANT INSTANT SALES MOMENTUM? List your book on any or all of these 67 websites, blogs, Facebook pages and groups so you get more traffic, sales, and royalties from your books.
  • How to avoid the “me too” promo slump so many Kindle publishers are falling into. Do what I say and you never have to end up with too-few downloads, too-little exposure, or too-many bad reviews.


Revenge of the Affiliates is so much more than a download. Reserve your place today and you’ll get access to all 6 modules, packed with videos, getting started guides, goal sheets and sign up for our first web class on June 19th.

I’ve successfully coached thousands of students over the years and they often tell “that was the thing” that got me results.

Here’s how I’m going to guarantee your
success in the next three months …

1) The Proven Formula to Passive Profits

That means exclusive access to my profit-proven formula for tapping into the jet stream of Kindle cash. I’ve been developing this system (and cashing in myself) for months now and you’ll access the very same blueprint that me and others are using to get real results.

2. The Sure-Money Niches That Make It Easy…

Once you’re a Revenge of the Affiliates coaching member you’ll never wander into a “death valley” niche again. Because not only will you know how to funnel money from spend-crazy Amazon consumers

… but you’ll know exactly how to spot a sure-money niche as easy as following GPS instructions in your car.

It’s all covered in Module One: Piggyback Promo’s ….

3. The Coaching That Makes It Happen!

You’re about to become a major league Kindle marketer … You’ll feel it happening as you look over my shoulder and watch me create my profit campaigns from the ground up. And I’ll watch over yours as you copy my every move… answering every question and sharing every insight along the way.

You’ll know it’s real when you see the money flood in from your Kindle campaigns. This is the one true “can’t fail” system you can get and I’ll be holding your hand every step of the way.

Let me be clear…

I do NOT outsource our training to some distant company… you’re getting me and my support staff – up close and
personal — to guarantee that you do not miss a trick.

You’ve seen the rabid testimonials and random forum comments bragging about my coaching. I’ve been doing this for years… and I don’t mind agreeing that I help people get results.


You’ll Also Access My Magic Bullet Books Software Suite



If you agree to reserve your place in the Revenge of the Affiliates family today, I’ll give you instant membership to Magic Bullet Books and the Magic Bullet Books Kindle Formatting Software Suite – a $494 value which makes…

Your Technical Problems Vanish Instantly!

Book creation and formatting are the three most technical elements of publishing to Kindle. Amazon has many rules when it comes to books. They can only be a certain file size. Images have to be a certain size. Formatting has to be a certain way.

Magic Bullet Books handles 99% of this process for you. Just upload your content with images inside. Magic Bullet Books works on 22 images as easily as one. In an instant, your book is formatted and compressed to be perfect for Amazon. Pictures are resized — it’s a snap.

Hours of time are saved. Headaches never happen.

Login to, upload your content and let Magic Bullet Books handle all the heavy lifting.




Use Magic Bullet Books to make unlimited books with unlimited pages! Just drop your chapters into order. Then click the PUBLISH button. This software is as easy to use as email.

In fact, as easily as you got to this webpage, you can use Magic Bullet Books to create a passive income. Entering your content is as easy as one copy-and-paste. Works just like your word processor. Your table of contents is made automatically. Images are resided and compressed on the fly — it’s just easy.




Let me show what you’ll see on the inside:

Magic Bullet Books (training) and the Magic Bullet Books Software is a $494 value, but it’s yours free when you reserve your spot in Revenge of the Affiliates today. You get instant access and everything you learn and download will be yours to keep forever, even if you refund (minus Magic Bullet Books Software Suite).


Here’s Another $97 Bonus For You

Access to My Private FB Group on Kindle Marketing

Here’s a $97 gift for you… and one more way this invite is BETTER than risk-free.

If you let me know I can count you in and reserve your place in Revenge of the Affiliates right now, then I’ll give you, at NO extra cost, a lifetime membership to my private Facebook Group – a $97 value. As of May 15th (2013), I have 400+ authors in my community. This is where I share strategies as I’m developing them and post what’s work and what’s not, real insider information on how to best leverage Kindle, Amazon and Google.

LIFETIME ACCESS to my private FB group is just one more way I’ve got your back… and EVEN IF YOU REFUND, I will not remove you from the group. That’s right. Just for putting me to the test, you’ll get a gift that keeps on giving, even if you get all your money back. But don’t wait around. This offer comes off the table June 18th, 2013.

What Does This Three-Month Adventure Cost?

If you want passive income, Revenge of the Affiliates is your total package and offers something that is truly rare with an internet marketing product …

True coaching and guidance.

You get the training and tools to make my system plug-and-play, you get the step by step instructions to make it easy, you get proven strategies to pay passive profits, and the coaching that makes it happen in days, not months.

I plan to devote the next three months of my life to making sure you get ebook royalties every month for the rest of your life.

I don’t have secret software tools up my sleeve to sell you later.

There’s no up-sale, down-sale, or cross-sale.

You’re getting the exact system that has produced tremendous results for not only me but countless others and that’s what I’ll be teaching you step by step right into the summer months.

I’ll be teaching, training, helping, guiding, supporting, encouraging, pushing, and cheering you forward and it’s this attentiveness that is so very rare. This is your chance to work with someone who not only knows how to get results ….

But is also very good and teach others how to get results as well.

Allow me to be frank, access to me is limited.

I rarely offer private coaching or consulting and when I do my rate is $250 hours.

The last coaching program I launched was in 2011 (I was too busy testing and tweaking the Revenge Formula last year to teach) and this will most likely be the last time I offer a similar coaching program in 2013 …

and ….

You Get Endless Updates For The Rest Of Your Life

Not only will you watch over my shoulder for the next three months, but anytime I learn something new, as new strategies are found, as new ways to increase royalties are discovered – you’ll learn them too!

Revenge of the Affiliates isn’t a product, it’s a partnership between you and me. Because I want you to know you have…

A Guide & Friend You Can Trust

For the past 15 years, I’ve been writing about and teaching Internet marketing. I’ve also planned to live and enjoy my life with passive income.

And for the past 15 months, I’ve been getting the Revenge of the Affiliates system ready for you.

I’ve fallen into traps and made mistakes. Mistakes I won’t make again.

Mistakes I can guarantee you won’t make when you sign up for Revenge of the Affiliates.
I’ve learned from personal experience. I’ve learned through the experiences of others.

Internet marketing has been my livelihood for 15 years.

I know you want results fast.

I know you don’t have a lot of years left to build your nest egg. You want more money now. And you don’t want to guess and can’t afford to hope what I’m saying is true.

Truth is, Internet marketing and self-publishing are like mazes. If you don’t have a map or guide to get you through safely, you’ll most likely fall into a hidden trap. That’s why I want to extend to you my guiding hand. I’ll help you travel the path I’ve paved. I’m proud to say I’ve made it through the maze and charted all the pitfalls.

If you follow me, and the advice I offer in Revenge of the Affiliates, I will help you make it, too.


When you sign up for Revenge of the Affiliates, In days, not months, you will live better than you do now. You’ll stop worrying about money. Finally, you can relax and concentrate on having more fun and doing the things you’ve always wanted.


You’ll NEVER have to second-guess what works and what doesn’t. My proven plan can send as many dollars into your bank account as it does into my own. I’ll guide you through the maze and give you all the right moves.


You can count on me. When you need me, I’ll be there. You’ll always get winning, working strategies for selecting book topics and titles, getting them made without much work on your part, and turning ebooks into passive income. Just ask any of my students. Over the past 15 years, I’ve developed a reputation for accurately predicting new trends and making simple systems to squeeze as much cash out of those trends as humanly possible.


You’ll get everything you need in the Revenge of the Affiliates experience: my help, over-my-shoulder video training, handy PDF guides, live webinar training, replays you can watch anytime, anywhere. (Whether you like to watch, listen to, or read your content, I’ve got you covered.)

I’ve got a suite of tools and videos designed to help you get a passive income faster than you ever imagined. Do what I say and you may see passive income in days, not months. You’ll never take unnecessary risks. I’ll steer you away from any and all dangers that can steal your ebook royalties.

I give you my solemn promise that Revenge of the Affiliates will give you safe, white-hat, effective advice you can put to use immediately. All the high-tech stuff has been taken out. All that stands between you and a passive income is following my directions.


You’ll always have friends to turn to. If you need answers, you’ll have 24/7 access to a private Revenge of the Affiliates Forum. I’ll be watching the place like a hawk. So post anytime. And pose questions to me or another other students too. Many VERY successful marketers are already in the forum waiting on someone they can help.

That’s just one part of the special consideration you get when you join my Revenge of the Affiliates family.


While I can’t promise you will make a certain amount of money, here’s what I can tell you:

If at any time in the next three months you’re not thrilled by the results you’ve achieved…if for any reason you’re not excited by how easy it can be to get paid monthly royalties… if in the next 45 days you’re not closer than ever before to realizing your financial goals, then you won’t pay me even a nickel.

I can promise it’s possible to begin building a passive income in days… not months… and then to grow it month after month with my proven system. You can rest assured your income will be immune from Google updates, the flavor-of-the-month marketing ploy, or the bright shiny objects touted by Mr. Guru.

The “Priceless Ingredient” You’ve Been Missing

While others may be happy to sell you a download, I am not. I prefer to give you a piece of myself. I prefer to get involved with you directly. I’d prefer us to be friends. I’ve seen, time and time again, that’s what it takes to get results. I can push you, mentor you, and help you excel more than any product download. I know because I’ve coached and been the “Yoda” for hundreds of students just like you over the past 15 years.

“The BEST INVESTMENT I ever made…”

If you join in the Revenge of the Affiliates, then you become a part of my family.

My family of like-minded people who just want passive income and a better life. An easier life. A life where you are in control, the pilot of your own financial destiny.

Patsy Copus is one of those family members. She recently messaged me on Facebook to give an update on her progress. Look what she has to say about one of my coaching programs:


Strictly Limited

Revenge of the Affiliates is Limited to 500 Members Only

As much as I’d love to welcome everyone aboard… space is extremely limited due to the over-the-top attention we give every member. My #1 goal is for everyone to succeed in achieving the passive income lifestyle of the elite online marketer.

… so you’ll need to act swiftly. This is your chance to be on the inside with doers, instead of standing on the sidelines with talkers.

You won’t risk one red penny to be on the first 5 of 12 live webinars.

“You get all my secrets, nothing held back, plus instant access to the Revenge of the Affiliates training:”

1. You can ask me any and all the questions you want.

2. You get access to an exclusive forum.

You’ll meet hundreds of like-minded people who share your goals. People who will be there to help you get through difficulties. People who understand you and what you’re going through. You’re guaranteed all the support you could possibly need to create a passive income from ebooks.

3. You get my full attention for three whole months.

You will be my sole focus for three months. Because this really is what I’m doing to make a living. Now I’m sharing with you. No one has the proof I do. No one goes to bat for their students like I do. Nobody will work harder for you than I will. I will not have other projects going on during this three months. My next three months are devoted to you and the creation of your passive income.

4. You get a minimum of 12 Revenge of the Affiliate webinars.

Each webinar will be recorded for you. Each one can be watched as many times as you like. Come on the webinar and ask me any questions you want. Watch over my shoulder as new income is created. See how it’s done in a repeatable system you can use for years.


Here’s Everything Your Getting with
Revenge of the Affiliates Coaching



Module #1 Piggyback Promos Valued at $197

One of the best ways to nearly guarantee you’ll make money is to survey a market, find a product that’s making money, and then make your own version of the product and in Module #1 that’s exactly what I will teach you how to do.

I’ll show you how to let the numbers decide what books to make. It’s as simple as that. With a few mouse clicks and a look here and there, you’ll know exactly what will sell and what won’t.

  • PDF Training on Piggyback Promo’s.
  • Over my shoulder videos showing you how step by step detail.
  • Live webinar training lead by myself.

Module #2 Traffic Revenge Valued at $197

Driving highly targeted BUYER traffic is a breeze with the Revenge Formula and with step two you’ll learn how to title your book to drive lots of free traffic from Amazon and Google. You’ll discover keyword secrets few understand, how to choose the optimal category and more.

  • PDF Training on Traffic Revenge.
  • Over my shoulder videos showing you how step by step detail.
  • Live webinar training lead by myself.

Module #3 Money Multiplier Valued at $197

Discover how to increase your earnings by as much as 213% with little to no extra effort on your part, it’s all about working smart and getting a cover that coverts more of your visitors.
This module is pure magic as it’s based on improving your SALES CONVERSIONS.  One simple ten-minute tweak can and often does improve earnings by as much at 127%.

  • PDF Training on Money Multiplier
  • Over my shoulder videos showing you how step by step detail.
  • Live webinar training lead by myself.

Module #4 Review Madness Valued at $197

This module offers some unique tactics that took me months of testing and tweaking to develop.  This is stuff that will allow you to generate ethical, white hat reviews whenever needed ….nobody’s teaching this and it’s a shame.

  • PDF Training on Review Madness
  • Over my shoulder videos showing you how step by step detail.
  • Live webinar training lead by myself.

Module #5 Magic Bullet Books (Training) Valued at $197

Module Five of Revenge of the Affiliates is Magic Bullet Books. Secrets of book length, images, formatting, and outsourcing will be revealed to you at once. This module is actually three modules in one, Childrens Book Blueprint (version 2.0), Non Fiction Books and Your Personal Book.

  • PDF Training on Magic Bullet Books.
  • Over my shoulder videos showing you how step by step detail.
  • Live webinar training lead by myself.

Module #6 Pushbutton Promo’s Valued at $197

Module Six: Push Button Promos, I’ll show you how I use free promo days to get a few thousand downloads of my book. You get momentum that never ends. More reviews are added to your listing. You’ve built a fire, added gas, and the free promo days are the spark that ignites the blaze.

  • PDF Training on Pushbutton Promos
  • Over my shoulder videos showing you how step by step detail.
  • Live webinar training lead by myself.

Magic Bullet Books Lifetime Membership Valued at $297
(Software to Streamline & Simplify Kindle Formatting)

You’ll have lifetime access to the Kindle Formatting solution that leverages the latest technology Kindle KF8 (fancy formatting code) and you’ll never have to worry about how to format, compressing or resizing images. This is a web based software membership and works with MAC and PC.

  • Create unlimited books
  • Never pay again for access.
  • Let Magic Bullet Books (Software Membership) do the heavy lifting.

12 Live “Coaching Only” Webinars Valued at $497

Few if any coaching programs offer weekly webinars, taking you from a to z in step by step detail. When you access Revenge of the Affiliates your signing up for an extended education that time and time again has proven “the thing” that has helped so many of my past students.

  • No pitch webinars! Just tons of valuable training based on my proven results.
  • Got questions? Ask away, were live (bring a mic)
  • Hot seat webinars: Let me give you detailed feedback on your book promotions live, these can be invaluable in honing your skills as a marketing publisher.
  • Live webinar training lead by myself.

Bonus Module: Unadvertised Traffic Unlimited & Outsource It Modules $197

Truth is there’s not six modules, there’s about nine of so and with these extra modules you’ll learn how to outsource quickly and easily. Other methods to leverage to help you drive traffic, increase book sales, get legitimate reviews and more.

  • PDF Training on traffic, outsourcing and more.
  • Over my shoulder videos showing you how step by step detail.
  • Live webinar training lead by myself.

Getting Started Report, Goals Sheet & Additional Reports: $47

Download the getting started guide that details the Revenge Formula as well as the goals report and more.

  • Getting started guide
  • Goals report


Access to the Revenge of the Affiliates Private Community $97

This is the place to get help, ask questions, share successes (and believe me, their will be plenty) and get with me. I’ll be logging into the community all the time, answering questions and helping you find the success that you so very well deserve.

  • Access to members only private form
  • Access to private Facebook group


Now it’s your turn to join the ranks of the few that are generating life changing income by leveraging the very strategies I’ve shown you and all you need to do is act fast and secure your spot now. You’re getting all six Revenge Formula modules, the bonus modules, the 12 live coaching webinars, lifetime access to software suite to streamline Kindle formatting and so much more.


Total Value of $2,317

Now… you’ve seen those gurus offering $2,000 coaching calls that explain how to do just one thing like building lists or writing copy. But all those things require tedious months of work before they pay you a dime.

Who wants more guru-babble marketing theory?

This is immediate cash gratification at its finest and it’s based on proven, effective methods that get results.

But you won’t pay $1,997

…which is the real value of the of the core Revenge modules and the Magic Bullet Books software suite ….

You won’t pay $1,500

My inner-circle members have paid me hundreds of thousands of dollars to access the profit boosting tactics and strategies I have taught them — and called it a deal of a lifetime.

You won’t EVEN pay $997

…which would still be an absolute STEAL and probably what I really should be selling this for…

Revenge of the Affiliates Coaching is YOURS
For Only $697 (One Time Payment)


Our first webinar will be on June 19th, 2013.

So if you let me know I can count you in by midnight, Tuesday, June 18th, 2013, then I’ll give you an Early-Bird discount of $200.00. If you decide after your first risk free 45 days that you want to continue, you’ll pay only $497.


Here’s Your Invitation To Join My Revenge Of The Affiliates Family:




MIDNIGHT, Tuesday, JUNE 18TH, 2013

You get everything the folks who pay $697 get. All the tools, memberships, support, and training. But because you joined early and helped me get an accurate head count prediction, I’ll give you $200 off. Save that 100 bucks now when you reserve your place by midnight, Thursday, June 20th, 2013.

Use the Add To Cart button before June 18th and Save $200

Currently NOT Available


My 45 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee BETTER-THAN-RISK-FREE DOUBLE Guarantee

Not only will I make this experience zero risk for you, but I’ll take all the risk on my shoulders AND even give you $294.00 in gifts. You can keep these gifts even if you collect a full refund. Let me explain my DOUBLE guarantee:

1. If at any time during the first 45 days you don’t feel Revenge of the Affiliates is bringing you closer to the richer, easier, more comfortable life you’ve always wanted, just drop me a line. Email me here: brianjohnsoncoaching AT I will personally send you a complete refund for every penny of your money.

This guarantee is unconditional with no fine print, secret clauses, or exceptions. You can refund at any time in the next 45 days for any reason, even if it’s because you think I’m too handsome to look at or because you think my voice sounds like a cat being dragged down the road.

2. This is about the $294.00 in gifts. This is why I’m the one taking all the risk here. You see, as soon as you accept the invitation below, you’ll have instant access to certain gifts I’ll mention in a moment.

You can immediately begin to listen, watch, and even download certain guides. You’ll also be able to attend up to 5 of your 12 webinars before the refund period ends.

To make this even more risk-free for you: Any and everything you’ve learned or downloaded at that point is yours to keep, forever. No strings attached.

Even if you refund, we’ll part ways friends. But you’ll have benefited with free gifts and knowledge for your invested time. So this guarantee is MORE than risk-free. Only I stand to lose if I don’t deliver what I’ve promised.

Of course, I’m only willing to make an offer like this because I know you won’t need to use it. I know what Revenge of the Affiliates has done for me, for others, and I know what it can do for you just by following my directions. So…


Reminder, This is an Extremely Limited Time Offer


  • 500 members and the doors close, I simply can’t handle more than that and ensure everyone get’s the attention they deserve.
  • Revenge of the Affiliates simply won’t be available after June 25th or once we hit 500 members, as all members will need to all get started in the coming weeks to ensure success.
  • Magic Bullet Books Software Suite may not be included in this offer if I ever decided to release “Revenge” again in the future.
  • This is exclusive “Brian G. Johnson” training that you can’t access anywhere, while others may have released Kindle training in the past, your getting access to my tested methods that took me months to develop. The very methods that have produced tremendous results for not only myself but a small group of insiders that are now profiting from the me methods and strategies.


“Brian’s coaching programs get results – it’s that simple. I know this first hand because I’ve participated in Brian’s programs in the past and they’ve ALWAYS made an instant impact on my bottom line.

Brian’s latest coaching program is no different.

I’ve personally implemented Brian’s new system in the last few weeks and have been blown away by the speed at which I’ve been able to generate a new income stream – this is very very exciting, there are literally no barriers to entry and it’s something all serious marketers need to get involved in.”

Aidan Booth Buenos Aires, Argentina


Look, you know you want it, trust your gut, trust your instinct, trust your intuition, whatever it is that you call it.

Believe what others have said about the system…you’ve seen the results. Not only my results, but the results from my students.

You won’t regret investing in Revenge of the Affiliates because it does just what is says, and it’s 100% guaranteed so it couldn’t be safer.

You know you want this, trust your gut, put your trust in me, let me take ALL the risk for you, get this now while you still can.


Use the Add To Cart button before June 18th and Save $200

Currently NOT Available


“What a great investment this turned out to be!  A mere 3 weeks after purchasing Brian’s program, I had my very first book published on Kindle and made $600 in my first month.

I am now 7 months into publishing Kindle book and I have 10 books published and I have earned $11,550 in royalties.  And this is only the beginning.   I have several more books in the works, and plan on growing my small Kindle Empire.

Thank you, Brian G Johnson, for providing me with the tools and expertise necessary to finally make money online.”

Mario F Quenneville Sudbury, Ontario, Canada


Use the Add To Cart button before June 18th and Save $200

Currently NOT Available


Send me your $497.00 via Paypal or Credit Card. Your information and your money will be kept safe for 45 full days. Your place will be reserved with the $100 Early Bird Discount. You may claim every penny of your money back for up to 45 days two. In that time, learn all you can. You may absolutely create passive income during this time. Even if you do, you can still get a refund for any reason under the sun.

At any time in your first 45 days you may get a full, instant refund just by emailing me at brianjohnsoncoaching AT


Use the Add To Cart button before June 18th and Save $200

Currently NOT Available

Thanks for reading my letter.

Your friend,

Brian G. Johnson

P.S. I just wanna remind you that getting this now is a better idea than waiting, because you save money as the price is only gonna go up, you get extra value if you buy now because it includes the bonus, there’s a guarantee so your investment is risk free, and I’ve shown you plenty of proof that this works, my own proof and proof from my students.

Since it’s easier to do this than using old methods, then why not give it a shot, you’ve got nothing to lose.

So if you think that this is gonna work for you, then it makes sense to get it now and not wait…



 Use the Add To Cart button before June 18th and Save $200

Currently NOT Available


P.P.S. This “early bird” offer expires and price increases back to $697 at June 18th.

And here’s your chances to get a jump start with Revenge, access now and you can begin to study the marketing materials, you can download the pdf’s and watch the training videos prior to the coaching officially getting underway on June 19th.

But …

Think for a minute what will happen if you don’t buy this right now…will things stay the same for you, making little if any money online, perhaps stuck in a day job fumbling around with internet marketing in your free time?

Or are things gonna get worse? Like this opportunity passes you by like others might have? Are you gonna waste money chasing shiny objects they’ve got zero chance of helping’ you out instead of creating value for your visitors and you end up more in the red instead of actually making any money…?

I don’t want that to happen to you, don’t let it happen, take a positive step forward in the right direction and reverse your run of bad luck. Get this now so you don’t regret it later when it’s more expensive, or even off the market altogether when only your competitors are taking advantage of this powerful system.

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