Earn a Massive $220+ Commissions With More Than
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A Massive Money Maker For You and Your Subscribers

Prelaunch: May 28th Noon EDT

Launch: June 4th Noon EDT

Confirmed: Mark Ling, James J. Jones, John S. Rhodes & Jay Boyer, Chris Munch, Aidan Booth, Daniel Hall, Alex Goad, Paul Clifford, Marcus Campbell, Keith Dougherty, Tim Castleman, Deborah Drum


Watch Video! Affiliate Links, Update & More

  1. JV Zoo Affiliate Promotion
  2. Login to JVZOO > Affiliates >> Find Products
  3. Three Links For You:
    1. Revenge of the Affiliates Coaching with Brian G. Johnson (straight to sales page)
    2. Revenge of the Affiliates > Earlybird Webinar Special (prelaunch >> amazing content (proof) >> webinar $$
    3. Revenge of the Affiliates > Live Training Webinar this Monday! (gotowebinar reg page >> Monday webinar buy page $$
  4. Private Webinar: Will be setting you up in the next few days.
  5. Sales Page Preview: http://revengeoftheaffiliates.com/sales-draft

Grab a prelaunch email and mail!

Prelaunch Email Swipe:

subject: Proof: Six Simple Steps + One Blog Post = Passive Residual Ear […]

Imagine if it was not only possible but
FAR EASIER to earn online. Well over
the last six months Brian G. Johnson has formulated
a simple six step system that
is generating some truly amazing results.

When I saw this video, I was blown away.



– Why it only takes a handful of hours to see results.

– How you can rank on Google in mere day’s – no backlinks needed.

– How to partner with the world’s best internet marketer (really).

– Why most are working too hard and getting little in return.

– Why you only need 1200 words to get amazing results.

Click the link below and see for yourself.




Why Promote:

  • I Get Results For My Partners:
    Since 2009 I have consistently placed in the top five for countless launches, I get results for my partners, check out some resent results below.
  • What Our Market Wants:
    A simply system to help them to make residual income online paired with a “hold my hand” coaching program to ensure success. Methods inside “Revenge” plain WORK. This is how I’m making thousands with Amazon, anyone remotely involved in internet marketing will want to participate in this program.
  • Undeniably Proof:
    Prelaunch, launch and webinar sales materials will be stacked with MASSIVE proof in the form of money earned, top Google rankings, top Amazon rankings and Facebook results, sales figures and more.
  • Real Scarcity:
    Access to this exclusive program will be capped at 500 members, doors close two weeks after launch.
  • Perfect for Newbies & Intermediate Marketers:
    Everything members need to succeed is found within this coaching program, no need for domains, hosting, expensive software, ect … very appealing for our market.

Results For JV Partners

Over the last 12 months I have driven massive sales for my partners, your launch may be next.

Page One Evolution – Aidan Booth


Blue Print Pro – Tim Godfrey & Steven Clayton


AffiloBlueprint – Mark Ling


Azon List Exlosion (Current Standings) John Rhodes & Jay Boyer


UVC – Alex Goad


Backlink Beast – Matt Callen


Love Claw (Current Standings) – Chris Munch


Alex Goad – Rank Builder


Paul Clifford – Mem Crusher


Pin Authority – James Jones


Product Details: 3 Month Coaching Bootcamp

Revenge of the Affiliates is an exclusive coaching membership, that is based on proven and effective strategies and tactics that I’ve developed over the past 15 months. Membership will provide everything that is needed to succeed with the Amazon “Kindle” opportunity.

  • Access to never before released software that leverage Kindle KF8 formatting and makes formatting simple and easy.
  • Access to never before released software that allows members to create great looking kindle covers easily.
  • Access to a 400+ member private Kindle facebook group
    (helps with getting book reviews).
  • 10 training webinars (weekly) detailing EXACTLY how members should proceed.
  • Access to my complete “Revenge Formula” including:
    • Video tutorials
    • PDF blueprints
    • Webinar replays
  • Training Modules will Cover:
    • Research, Demographics
    • Book Naming Formula
    • How to Creating Covers That Increase Sales by as Much as 123%
    • White Hat Review System
    • Forget Writing! How to Outsource Books on a Shoestring Budget or Easily Create Books
    • My Children’s Book Blueprint 2.0

Launch Funnel Details:


$1500 in JV Prize Money – Early Bird JV Contest

Prelaunch will kick off on May 28th at Noon EST. I will be offering three content packed training video that lead up to an “early bird” webinar on the Monday before launch, sales for the early bird webinar will count towards the over all JV contest and who ever generates the most sales on that webinar will win $1500.


$7,950 in JV Prize Money For Most Sales Generated During Launch & Prelaunch

Launch kicks in on June 4th at Noon EDT


I will be holding webinars from June 2th through June 18th, if your able to get 100 minimum to a webinar with me I highly advise it. Webinar will be packed with actionable training and a solid sales pitch to close a high percentage.


The doors will close to Revenge of the Affiliates on June 20th or sooner.

JV Contest: $9,450 Cash Prizes:

Most Sales During Prelaunch & Launch – $7,950 in Total Prize Money

  • First Place $5,000
  • Second Place $1,500
  • Third Place $750
  • Fourth Place $500
  • Fifth Place $200

Early Bird Prelaunch Webinar – Monday June 1rst

  • Most Sales Wins: $1,500

Email Swipes:

Coming Soon

JV Leaderboard:

  • Item #1
  • Item #2
  • Item #3


Brian G. Johnson
People DO NOT fail at internet marketing,
they simply GIVE UP before the magic happens.

brian1965 [at] gmail.com

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